Coppertop Sconce WS004


Crafted to grace outdoor spaces with enduring elegance and functionality, our high-quality metal sconces stand as epitomes of refined craftsmanship and timeless design. Fashioned from premium metals like brass, bronze, or wrought iron, these outdoor sconces boast not only durability but also a sophisticated allure. These sconces are designed and built to last and provide a beautiful touch to your home for a lifetime.


Each meticulously finished surface, whether gleaming with polished brilliance or adorned with an antique patina, exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication, accentuating the outdoor environment with effortless grace.

From intricate filigree work to sleek, minimalist lines, every detail reflects the artisanal mastery invested in their creation. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these sconces are engineered to provide optimal illumination for outdoor settings, whether illuminating pathways, adding ambiance to garden spaces, or enhancing the architectural beauty of facades.

With their blend of beauty and practicality, these high-quality metal outdoor sconces serve as iconic accents, elevating the outdoor ambiance with their timeless charm and dependable performance.

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12"X7", 16"x9", 24"x9", 32"X9"