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Wood patterned longboard and the angular lines of the sconces, fascias, and chimney caps on this home in the reserve show how our metal work in Ivins dramatically compliments the landscape.

The Reserve – Metal Work In Ivins

Our most recent metal work project in Ivins featured just about every style of work we provide for homeowners. Depending on the project and the style of the home, we can find our team tasked with installing just one or two items like a chimney cap, or a range hood. Or, a homeowner can decide they want metallic accents running throughout the home. We’ll add metallic touches to their sconces, fascias, chimney caps, gates, and even entire walls or outdoor ceilings covered in long aluminum sheeting called longboard.

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St. George Area Parade of Homes – Westgate Modern

The 2023 Parade of Homes We had the distinct pleasure of being involved with a handful of St. George Area Parade of Homes entries in 2023. The first of the two homes we were involved in building is home #17 on the parade, Geometrica. You can read more about that project in a previous post.…

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St. George Area Parade of Homes – Geometrica

The 2023 Parade of Homes Every year, come February, we feel the rush of having to finish up work on a home or two in order to help get it over the finish line in time for the St. George Area Parade of Homes. It can make this time of year a bit more stressful,…

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The Yardley Table

Searching for the perfect custom dining room table When the Yardley family moved into the home they purchased in the Ledges just north of St. George, Utah, one of the features they loved was the custom copper backsplash and range hood in the kitchen. The range hood and backsplash matched the custom copper sconces that…

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Smith Consulting Conference Table

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